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An elevation certificate is a FEMA form that is used to make sure all projects are compliant with all community floods plain management regulations. The forms have a set of instructions that precede the actual certificate itself, and while it can be filled out by many individuals, in order to have a professional seal, it must be sealed by a registered land surveyor or engineer to legitimize the information on the form.

There is some basic information on the elevation certificate that always needs to be filled out in preparation for any emergency, including a lot of basic information like:

• Owner's name

• An accurate legal description of the property

• What flood zone the property is in

• Base flood elevation

• Elevation of the lowest floor and supporting machinery


It's also important not to overlook what the stage of construction is. There are only three choices and those are:

• Construction drawings

• Building under construction

• Finished construction


If the worst case scenario takes place and you need to collect on a flood insurance premium or disaster assistance, the NFIP and FEMA will only recognize the "finished construction" certificate to be of value, since this certificate validates the actual elevation of a finished structure.

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